About Bald Cats

Sphynx kittens are born bald, wrinkled and in all they come in all the colours of the cat rainbow. Sometimes their eyes may start openning at a very young age even from day one, they have very big eyes, and their huge ears hang next to their little faces for about 3 weeks, At this time they look like a miniture bulldog. Many people think that a Sphynx is hairless, they are not because they are covered with a very fine down coat of hair, almost imperceptible to the eye, which gives them the feeling of a very warm, soft chamois. This is why a show cat is allowed to have fine hair on the tail, feet, muzzle and ears because they love to be bed partners, some people describe them as warm water bottles. An indoor temperature that is comfortable for humans is fine for the Sphynx however they are clever enough to find a warm spot to occupy when they feel cold like under the bed covers or on top of a car with a look warm engine.


One of the most peculiar and polarizing pets. You’d expect a cat breed with the name Sphynx to be from Egypt, but in fact, this hairless breed originated in Canada. In the breed’s early years it was often referred to as the “Canadian Hairless,” “Moon Cat,” or “Moonstone.”

They are Friendly.

This hairless cat breed was ranked as the friendliest breed according to a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. The need to stay warm, something accomplished by sticking close to humans, is thought to be the main reason why the Sphynx is so happy with being handled.

They are more than just a cat!

The wrinkled cat with large, bat-like ears provokes strong reactions. To some, the Sphynx is a grotesque, alien-like creature that barely deserves to be called a cat. To others, it's an affectionate companion whose personality belies its looks.

They are sweet creatures

While the lack of a full furry coat means Sphynx don't shed, They have a completely different personality than a regular cat. Pictures don't do them justice.

Sphynx are sleek and muscular, with the female averages 3,5 kg, and the larger more muscular male averages 4 kg. Sphynx females are good mothers, and often allowing their offspring to nurse well beyond weaning age. The average litter size is four kittens and a kitten weights average 100 - 110 grams. Thier inquisitive reaction to everything around them, and loving reaction to everything that is alive, will win your heart for ever. A lot of people are overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of the Sphynx cat.

Sphynx prefer to be around people all the time and many communicate with a strange twilling sound and by licking your hands and face and wagging of their tails when they are glad to see you, often use their front paws to pat your face. They enjoy playing with your hair while hugging you around your neck. Sphynx Cats willl be at the door before the door bell rings and when you get back from work, they will sit in front of the door, waiting for you. They also love driving and will rush to the car if you touch the car keys.

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Sphynx are like warm water bottles.
Its fun, social and rewarding all at the same time when you own a Cat.

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